Music of the day “Crazy Friday Night”

Last night I went to my first party in Grenoble, and I must say it was really crazy. Before I go, I dont really know who these soundmakers but I don’t regret  having gone there.

Discharged by a wall of sound, Metrik’s sounds put me immediately in the vibes.

Just after Vandal mixed two hours, I love the jungle (drum and bass) but raggatek it’s terrible! Everyone was dancing, it was really great!

Le Evil Clown closed tonight at 6 o’clock, I was really tired but I had a good time.

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Peace, Aly.


Music of the day “How to wake up”

This morning like every morning I put the random mode and the first music was Boadicea by Enya !! I really like Enya but I get up at 6 am and this time it must be a really motivating music and my yoga music is Boadicea,  not really the music for wake up …

So I put the next random music and it was :

It’s very rare that I listen pop music, but this is really motivating,  and I have a lot of  great memories with.

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Peace and pleasure, Aly.

Music of the day “Nostalgia”

When I was young,  four or five years maybe, my mom and me were cleaning on every Wenesday afternoon and she put the CDs of Bob Marley, the Rolling Stones, and many more, but my favorite albums was that of Queen and this music in particular :

So tonight I think about my mom who is 500 miles away from me and I dedicate this article to him.

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Peace, Aly.

Music of the day “Who’s HudMo ?”

In a few weeks, Hudson Mohawke will be in concert in the city where I live, Grenoble (France) and I would be here ! Even if you don’t know the name, you’ve all heard one of his music:

HudMo is a Scottish DJ and producer, associated with the label LuckyMe, his first album “Butter”was released in 2009  and was a resounding success, for after he signed with GoodMusic (Kanye West label).

 Today HudMo is a reference in the trap music world.

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Peace, Aly.

Music of the day “Apology”

Hi guys !

I really want to apologize for not having posted his last days but I had a long and trying week, it’s been over a year that I wasn’t in school and fatigue is quickly felt. In the future I would try to take at least five minutes to write a little something. So, today I have three of my favorites music of the moment :

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Peace and pleasure, Aly.

Music of the day “Mc from Seattle”

Hi guys, today I want to speak about Sadistik,  a really talented rapper that I discovered it a few months ago. I was in Strasbourg, France at the concert of Cunninlynguists and now strangely looks like Kurt Cobain jump on stage and drops an unexpected flow.

Sadistik is an artist who perfectly combines poetry and dark sounds, and on top of that provides a breathtaking show.

Here’s a picture of Sadistik and me after the show (sorry for the quality).


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Peace and pleasure,  Aly.

Music of the day “Old school morning”

Hi guys, I take time to my lunch for quickly write this article.

My musical repertoire is so vast that I never know where to start to listen and when you wake at 6.30 am you don’t want to lose time finding the perfect music,then usualy I activate the random mode and this morning for my pleasure I found :

Fort Minor is the solo project of Mike Shinoda, mc nu metal group Linkin Park, the only album released in is a true masterpiece exceptionally well appointed with very good collaborations such as group like Style of Beyon, and I’m sure all the fans are expecting a second Fort Minor album forward !

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Peace and pleasure,  Aly.