Have you lost your values ?

I come back after a while because I don’t know how to be heard to share my “dissapointment” in front of the non-existent support of the band Linkin Park since the beginning of the tragic events that have places in France since Wenesday…

Men died in the name of freedom of expression and after three days I’m really shocked that the members of this band doesn’t take speech after this barbaric act. It’s been 10 years that I follow all the actions of Linkin Park and they had a huge influence on me, as idols can had on a little girl of 8 years old. Music for Relief was founded the year I discovered Linkin Park, ┬áso I know a lot of cases they defended and I seriously thought the attack on freedom of expression would affect them as engaged artists. So I don’t know what they expect to bring just a moral support to Fance and their french fans who were present at the single date in France there’s less than two months.

This message is for them :

How can you advocate values when you don’t support those that directly affect you ? I don’t understand how you can ignore this attack on freedom of expression when you write yourself engaged texts. I’m not the only to feel abandonned by you in this time of terror and chaos.

Write this article really hurt me because you’re always been a role model for me, but I need answers to feel better.

Please someone for bring peace and pleasure…